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Ralex Services, an innovative leader in aviation solutions headquartered in Sudan and the UAE, presents a groundbreaking suite of tailored, comprehensive, and seamlessly integrated aviation services.

Leveraging its profound expertise across airline, aerospace, and business aviation sectors, Ralex Services has earned acclaim as a reliable provider of aviation solutions across more than 10 regions.

Welcome to ralex aviation services management, your ultimate destination for top-notch aircraft services.

Our Vision

to become the global leader and preferred choice for aviation industry solutions.

Our Mission

to consistently surpass expectations and deliver innovative solutions that propel the industry forward.

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Our Services

Flight Permits

we can arrange various permits, including aircraft landing permits, overflight permits, schedule and block permits, temporary landing permits (TLP), diplomatic permits, and airfield PPR with Ralex Services

Aircraft Ground Handling

Ralex Services offers comprehensive ground handling services in over 10 countries in Africa. Our 24/7 operation center ensures comfort, safety, and a high level of service for all their clients.

Aviation Fuel

With an extensive network of branches and strategic partnerships spanning across the African continent, Ralex Services stands as the unrivaled leader in the realm of aviation fuel supply solutions.

Governmental Flight Support

Ralex Services provides an extensive array of governmental support services catering to Heads of State, Air Forces, Diplomatic Missions, the United Nations, and Chartered Diplomatic entities.

Aircraft Tires

In cooperation with tires manufacturers in Russia, China and India, we provide integrated solutions in supply of aircraft tires to ensure optimum operation of aircrafts. Experience luxury and convenience with our premier private aviation services, tailored to exceed your expectations every flight.

Aviation Lubricants

Ralex Services is proud to offer a broad spectrum of Aviation Lubricants and Chemicals, sourced from the industry's leading manufacturers.Elevate your travel experience with our exclusive private aviation services, offering unmatched comfort and flexibility for discerning travelers.

Aircraft Parts

At RALEX aircraft aviation services, we take pride in supplying all types of aircraft components, spares, and consumables for a wide range of aircraft models. Unlock unparalleled luxury and efficiency with our bespoke jet aviation services,

Land Transportation

We provide a comprehensive range of land transportation services to various destinations in Sudan and border countries such as South Sudan, Chad, and Central Africa. Elevate your journey with our elite jet aviation services, ensuring unparalleled comfort, privacy, and convenience every time you fly.

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Ralex Aviation

Charter Services

Our exceptionally skilled teams deliver exceptional charter & aircraft services meticulously tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Our services include :

    Flight Permit Request